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Botis holds various auctions every week, each one featuring a hundred or so used vehicles. Depending on where your interests lie, you can take part in the Belgian, French, German or Italian auctions. By entering specific selection criteria, such as the make, type of vehicle, year of manufacture, mileage or other options, one mouse click gives you access to a range of vehicles ‘customised’ to your requirements. Every year, over 10,000 vehicles find a new owner via the Botis auction website.



To access the auction section of the website, you must go through a simple registration process via the registration page. Registration is FREE OF CHARGE, but we do ask you within 7 days of completing your registration to provide us with a copy of your passport and a certificate or extract (e.g. from the trade register) by e-mail or fax, providing documentary evidence that you are a professional car trader. Not until we have received these 2 documents can we activate your login and password, enabling you to play an active part in our auctions.

Registering is entirely free of charge.

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